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Slade's Barber Shop
3314 N. Halsted St.
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I usually take appointments 2-3 days a week and walk-ins 2-3 days a week.
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You can get your place in line when you arrive at the shop, or you can get your place in line with our online walk-in waiting list.
I stop accepting customers when the queue exceeds closing time.  On extremely busy days, this can be several hours before closing.


If you make an appointment, please set a reminder in your phone so you don't forget!
Our booking service also gives you the option to get a text message reminder!
We do not send emails or texts for marketing purposes, so please provide your correct primary contact information so you'll receive e-mail appointment confirmations & reminders and calls from us.
If you need to cancel, you must call BEFORE your appointment begins!

I charge $10 for no-shows, missed appointments (late arrival), and cancellations made with less than one hour notice that don't get re-booked.  If you're going to be late please call.  If I haven't heard from you, I might take someone else!  (in which case I may not have time for you)  If you arrive more than five minutes late you may be considered a "No-Show". 

Prices cash only
Buzzcut $14
Most Haircuts $19

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About Me
I am originally from the Detroit area.  In high school, I started cutting friends' hair as a hobby. After high school, I attended a semester at Michigan State University, but the only thing I liked about college was cutting hair in the dorm!  I came back for second semester, and on the first day of one of my classes, the assignment was to write about what I wanted to accomplish that semester.  The other students completed their assignment and left the classroom while I realized "Why am I even here?  I want to be a barber!".  Within a week I got my refund from State and enrolled at Barber/Styling College of Lansing, Michigan. In 2002, I became a bonafide barber and started working in the field full time. I started my career at Campus Barbers in East Lansing and after a couple years moved to Coachlite Barber lounge in Lansing and Okemos. I moved to Chicago in the fall of '05 and worked at a corporate chain for about a year and at Gabby's for six. One night, while taking a stroll after dinner, I saw the perfect store for rent in Boystown and opened a few months later in February 2013.  My goal is to do quality work in a pleasant and unique atmosphere.

Greg's List
Specialized Armadillo Bicycle Tires.  They cost about $50 each but last 2-3x longer than $20 tires.  You'll also get about 1/5 as many flats.  I buy mine at Johnny Sprockets, 3001 N Broadway.  Schwalbe Marathons also come highly recommended but I haven't tried them yet.

Del Seoul, 2568 N. Clark.  Korean style beef, pork, shrimp, fish, or chicken tacos are incredibly delicious and inexpensive.
Ground Control: 3315 W. Armitage.  My favorite vegetarian restaurant.  It's headed by a former member of "Slapstick", a well-know chicago ska-punk band from the 90s.

Headquarters, 950 W. Wolfram (Lakeview, 1 street north of Diversey brown line).  The pinball is free and they play good music.  Incredible beer selection. 
Emporium, 1366 N. Milwaukee. (Wicker Park)  They also have a location in Logan Square but it's more like a giant drinking hall with a couple dozen games. Wicker park location has great selection of games and occasional live performances.
Logan Hardware, 2410 W. Fullerton. (Logan Square)  Huge barcade, tons of pinball, great atmosphere.  Quite possibly my favorite.
Replay, 3439 N. Halsted. (Boystown) and Gay bar/arcade.   The Andersonvile location has great food.  At the boystown location, the games feel like they're just there for decoration.  Games are free except pinball.  The Andersonvile location now has the rare and really cool Wizard Of Oz pinball.  There's a headphone jack on the front of the machine if you want to hear the sound.

San Francisco:
Musee Mecanique  at Fisherman's Wharf in San Francisco (Pier 45).  You might think it's best just to skip this giant tourist district, but a century-worth of coin operated amusements are on display and you get to play them all.  Free admission.  Bring some cash (yes they have change machines) and use up your quarters on machines you probably won't see anywhere else.

Bike Paths:
Prairie Path & Fox River Maps: Page 1  -  Page 2
One of my favorite things to do with a nice spring, summer or fall day is go for a long bike ride.  With Metra to bring you there and/or back, you can explore deep into the region!
Prairie Path- Starts in Oak Park about a mile west of the CTA Forest Park Blue Line.  The first few miles are a bit mundane, but after that you wind through the woods until you get to Wheaton.  The Path splits- you can continue to the Fox River cities of Aurora, Batavia, Geneva, or Elgin.
Fox River Trail- At the edge of the western burbs, the Fox River trail stretches north from Aurora north through the historic and beautiful cities of Batavia, Geneva, St. Charles, Elgin, Crystal Lake and all the way into Wisconsin.  Each town offers you a variety of food options, and the trail runs though some great parks with amenities like swimming and miniature golf.  Most of the trail is away from roads, winding along the river and through the woods.  With 5 Metra stations along the trail, it's easy to get back into the city when you've had enough. (Check metra's bike restrictions when planning your trip.  McHenry has limited service; see schedule)

Botanical Gardens Bike Maps, Green Bay Trail, North Branch Trail, North Shore Channel Trail  Download PDF
Chicago Botanic Garden is located about 25 miles away from Lakeview in Glencoe.  The south entrance of the gardens is connected to the North Branch Trail.  The Green Bay trail is about a mile east of the gardens.
There are gardens of seemingly just about every variety, my favorites are the Japanese, Waterfall, and model railroad gardens.  The cafe has great food, cooked to order during peak hours, pre-packaged deli items when the kitchen's closed.  The cafe's deck is great.  They only charge for parking, thus if you arrive on bike it's free to get in. (the model railroad garden costs a few bux)
North Branch trail starts in the NW edge of Chicago, and can be easily accessed from the park at Milwaukee & Devon, then it's about 16 miles to the gardens.  Elston is a good route up to the North Branch.
Green Bay trail starts next to the Wilmette metra and there's low-traffic roads to connect it to the city.  The path follows the metra all the way to Great Lakes Navy Base and continues to Kenosha Wisconsin.  Note: Metra makes limited trips north of Waukegan.  In Zion, the trail is just a couple miles from the State park beach & campground.
North Shore Channel Trail follows the channel starting near 2850 W Lawrence, and when you're up in Skokie there's a sculpture park along the trail for several miles.  The path eventually takes you into Evanston where you can connect to the Green Bay trail via side streets.

Chicago to Nashville Bike Route
A couple friends and I biked to Nashville in 2009.  It took us 7 days.  I've published our account for anyone considering or planning the same trip.