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This is a cue sheet for the Chicago to Nashville Bicycle Map. You can print it out for later use.

Cumulative Distance Where Notes Direction Elevation
0mi 0mi chicago CTA Red Line, 95th St. Station E 83° 597.1ft
0.72mi 0.72mi continue east on 95th. Not the most ideal route but it works fine. E 88° 593.8ft
4.62mi 3.9mi chicago turn right on US-41. Follow route. SSW 181° 597.1ft
5.22mi 0.6mi bike path starts on south side of skyway SSE 145° 603.7ft
5.77mi 0.56mi follow bike path south SSW 181° 593.8ft
8.08mi 2.3mi follow the road in the park. They say the bike path continues but it is more like an ATV path SW 214° 597.1ft
9.33mi 1.26mi exit the park onto S. Ave N SSW 181° 590.6ft
9.72mi 0.38mi Turn left onto E 134th W 270° 587.3ft
10.4mi 0.68mi Follow the curve. 134th becomes 136th SE 122° 580.7ft
10.94mi 0.54mi Right onto Sheffield SSW 189° 590.6ft
11.06mi 0.13mi Indiana Follow split towards left onto Hohman SSW 182° 587.3ft
12.97mi 1.9mi Left on Sibley SE 117° 597.1ft
13.08mi 0.11mi After track, enter bike path on right S 166° 600.4ft
15.63mi 2.56mi continue on bike path SSE 139° 620.1ft
16.78mi 1.15mi you cross under the freeway, then proceed behind cabela's. continue on path. I don't remember exactaly how we did this you may want to bring a map of the area W 265° 620.1ft
16.91mi 0.13mi munster make your way west, parallel to freeway, into neighborhood SSW 195° 607ft
17.06mi 0.14mi south on Northcote ave SSW 182° 613.5ft
17.43mi 0.37mi continue towards right on northcote SSW 186° 607ft
17.8mi 0.37mi left on alta vista ESE 100° 623.4ft
18.01mi 0.21mi right on crestwood S 178° 629.9ft
18.21mi 0.2mi left on ridge ESE 99° 646.3ft
18.8mi 0.59mi the road you want is behind the walgreens here ESE 97° 633.2ft
18.96mi 0.17mi continue east on behind-walgreens Rd. ESE 93° 639.8ft
19.31mi 0.34mi right on Kennedy SSW 180° 623.4ft
20.45mi 1.15mi highland continue south on kennedy SSW 180° 623.4ft
23.04mi 2.58mi walk across the tracks S 179° 633.2ft
23.25mi 0.21mi continue south on kennedy S 179° 636.5ft
23.74mi 0.5mi you basically need to keep going straight, just cut across the parking lot and cross the highway. continue south on kennedy S 174° 652.9ft
24.14mi 0.4mi left on friar tuck, right on robbin hood SSW 181° 685.7ft
24.31mi 0.17mi stay left at split onto normandy, then stay left onto elizabeth ESE 101° 666ft
24.48mi 0.18mi right on Anna SSW 181° 662.7ft
24.64mi 0.16mi right on 76th WNW 274° 675.9ft
24.69mi 0.05mi left on divac S 178° 675.9ft
24.9mi 0.21mi cross 77th onto naples S 163° 685.7ft
25.22mi 0.31mi right on capri WSW 234° 682.4ft
25.48mi 0.27mi right onto manchester SSW 191° 672.6ft
25.91mi 0.43mi left on 85th. right into fancy subdivision ESE 98° 685.7ft
26.17mi 0.26mi i think the names of the streets are wrong on the map. they're close though. SSW 196° 711.9ft
26.45mi 0.28mi this is hard to describe. print this part of the map out. you basically got to make your way east onto deoder, out of the subdivision SE 118° 711.9ft
26.78mi 0.33mi south on Deoder S 180° 708.7ft
27.03mi 0.25mi left on 93rd ESE 109° 708.7ft
27.25mi 0.22mi right on clamonte SSW 181° 711.9ft
27.9mi 0.65mi left-right onto parish SE 120° 708.7ft
30.45mi 2.55mi continue south on parrish SSW 183° 738.2ft
38.36mi 7.92mi left on 181st av SR 2 W 270° 698.8ft
38.61mi 0.25mi right on austin st S 179° 695.5ft
43.36mi 4.74mi road curves onto 219th W 268° 666ft
43.58mi 0.23mi continue south on parrish SSW 181° 649.6ft
45.78mi 2.19mi entering schneider. there will be a bar/restaurant on the right S 180° 633.2ft
46.4mi 0.63mi left onto 241st ave. there is a restaurant on the corner of us-41. there is also a gas station. south on us-41 to continue to nashville WSW 241° 626.6ft
46.86mi 0.46mi schneider there is a suitable camping spot here just off the highway along the river S 179° 626.6ft
47.45mi 0.58mi sumava resorts everything was boarded up here ESE 97° 652.9ft
62.23mi 14.78mi morocco if you want to go into morocco, it is easy to return to the highway SE 132° 692.3ft
75.41mi 13.18mi Kentland SSW 187° 685.7ft
81.32mi 5.92mi Earl Park SE 126° 767.7ft
93.56mi 12.24mi Boswell S 168° 761.2ft
104.99mi 11.43mi carbondale there's a bar/restaurant in carbondale, and that's it..not much else for a bit. follow sign towards carbondale E 80° 692.3ft
105.29mi 0.3mi turn right onto old 41 to go into carbondale S 169° 685.7ft
105.57mi 0.28mi carbondale bar/restaurant NNW 359° 702.1ft
106.16mi 0.59mi return to us-41 SSE 155° 685.7ft
106.9mi 0.74mi take SR 63 to continue to nashville SW 211° 708.7ft
113.4mi 6.5mi turn left onto SR 28, going east, towards lebanon if you want to camp for the night ESE 90° 695.5ft
113.91mi 0.5mi west lebanon abandoned roadside park. made for a good camping spot. on right about half mile from SR t63. NNW 341° 692.3ft
114.46mi 0.55mi continue south on SR 63 SSW 195° 689ft
131.19mi 16.74mi Perrysville S 177° 551.2ft
138.11mi 6.91mi Cayuga SSW 186° 495.4ft
143.63mi 5.52mi Newport SSE 152° 597.1ft
157.22mi 13.59mi clinton, in continue south on SR 63 SW 221° 492.1ft
173.21mi 15.99mi Terre Haute upon entering Terre Haute, follow sign for Maple Ave (Grand Ave) S 178° 475.7ft
173.5mi 0.29mi Terre Haute Continue south on side streets into town... Left on Maiden SSW 181° 492.1ft
173.82mi 0.33mi cross over us-41 to 4th st. S 180° 485.6ft
175.29mi 1.46mi downtown terre haute everything's pretty much here. hotels, motels, etc. SSW 181° 508.5ft
175.91mi 0.62mi 7th street is a good route out of terre haute SSW 181° 511.8ft
179.77mi 3.86mi back onto us-41. towns/gas stations will be spaced about every 7-10 miles SSE 142° 498.7ft
190.08mi 10.31mi farmersburg SSW 180° 574.1ft
195.79mi 5.71mi shelburn SSW 197° 544.6ft
202.32mi 6.54mi sullivan S 172° 498.7ft
211.53mi 9.2mi carslile SSW 186° 515.1ft
218.57mi 7.05mi Oaktown S 176° 482.3ft
230.9mi 12.33mi vincinnes it is very freeway at this point. it was under construction, we probablly should've taken another route. but it worked. you may want to find an alternate approach here. we conttinued on 41 WSW 235° 505.2ft
230.98mi 0.08mi stay straight through to go on SR 61 WSW 238° 492.1ft
232.03mi 1.05mi SR 61 is 6th St NNW 328° 429.8ft
232.16mi 0.14mi franchise row starts here. you can parallel on 2nd street (to your right) SW 219° 426.5ft
233.73mi 1.57mi left on broadway SSE 141° 426.5ft
234.68mi 0.95mi right on 15th WSW 230° 419.9ft
235.42mi 0.74mi left on mentor SSE 142° 419.9ft
235.69mi 0.27mi right on 18th WSW 229° 416.7ft
235.93mi 0.24mi left on SR 441 Willow St S 166° 413.4ft
236.29mi 0.36mi After Niblack, follow to right for Old US 41 S 164° 410.1ft
238.7mi 2.42mi back onto US 41 SE 116° 403.5ft
254.52mi 15.81mi Patoka SW 212° 416.7ft
257.77mi 3.25mi Princeton Princeton is to your left SSW 181° 426.5ft
258.77mi 1mi continue south on us-41 S 180° 469.2ft
266.4mi 7.62mi Fort Branch SSW 181° 479ft
275.78mi 9.39mi inglefield SSW 182° 469.2ft
281.16mi 5.37mi evansville airport S 167° 374ft
282.77mi 1.61mi evansville Drury Inn S 178° 387.1ft
283.08mi 0.31mi i can't vouch for this part of the route. we had to detour to a bike shop. this should work. but feel free to find an alternate through evansville... continue south on 41 S 174° 387.1ft
283.17mi 0.09mi continue south on 41 S 162° 380.6ft
289.74mi 6.57mi the bridge was a b!tcH!! not much shoulder. but you'll survive SSW 180° 360.9ft
290.56mi 0.82mi Kentucky SSW 194° 360.9ft
292.09mi 1.53mi take the first turn off. I think there was a big motel there. WSW 240° 380.6ft
292.59mi 0.5mi you're on stratman rd WSW 240° 360.9ft
292.88mi 0.29mi left on sunset SSW 187° 374ft
293.57mi 0.68mi Henderson left on barker ESE 107° 393.7ft
293.79mi 0.22mi right on elm SW 211° 387.1ft
296.73mi 2.94mi left on clay SE 125° 426.5ft
296.83mi 0.1mi clay continues on right SE 131° 429.8ft
298.46mi 1.63mi back onto 41. we made the mistake of taking 41A instead. so I cannot vouch for the next stretch of 41 SW 207° 393.7ft
299.64mi 1.18mi 41A is more hilly and adds 10 miles to the trip. S 172° 387.1ft
307.62mi 7.98mi continue south on 41 SSE 144° 436.4ft
314.35mi 6.73mi Sebree SW 204° 449.5ft
333.75mi 19.41mi madisonville Nebo Rd/SR 281/Island Ford Rd. turn left for hotels, supermarket S 176° 462.6ft
335.28mi 1.52mi continue south on us 41 SSW 187° 472.4ft
336.94mi 1.66mi continue south on 41 S 179° 433.1ft
337.03mi 0.09mi victoria SSW 181° 413.4ft
340.2mi 3.17mi earlington SSE 140° 465.9ft
342.61mi 2.41mi mortons gap S 168° 488.8ft
347.41mi 4.79mi nortonville SW 217° 462.6ft
358.1mi 10.7mi crofton S 168° 600.4ft
370.51mi 12.4mi hopkinsville left on 9th SW 205° 547.9ft
371.02mi 0.51mi hopkinsville right on walnut SSW 185° 551.2ft
371.99mi 0.97mi becomes fort campbell road S 161° 541.3ft
374.02mi 2.03mi continue south on us 41 S 170° 538.1ft
374.64mi 0.62mi continue on fort campbell rd S 162° 541.3ft
390.44mi 15.8mi clarksville left on ringgold rd (burger king) ESE 97° 495.4ft
391.09mi 0.65mi right on timberline S 170° 518.4ft
391.29mi 0.2mi stay left for northwind ESE 96° 515.1ft
391.51mi 0.23mi cross sr 374 purple heart/101 airborne S 167° 495.4ft
391.56mi 0.04mi continue on victory rd S 165° 495.4ft
392.31mi 0.75mi left pine mountain ESE 103° 528.2ft
392.96mi 0.65mi right peachers mill SSE 151° 544.6ft
394.63mi 1.67mi left onto oak street (if you miss it continue on peachers mill) SSE 146° 449.5ft
395.06mi 0.44mi left on E st ESE 99° 534.8ft
395.3mi 0.24mi right on locust SSW 192° 554.5ft
395.4mi 0.09mi left on chapel ESE 96° 551.2ft
395.49mi 0.09mi right on market SSW 188° 554.5ft
395.68mi 0.19mi left onto us 41 providence blvd SE 131° 521.7ft
396.2mi 0.52mi after river cut through shopping center towards your right S 164° 400.3ft
396.38mi 0.18mi downtown clarksville continue south on riverside drive. River walk is on your right. SSW 192° 383.9ft
397.06mi 0.68mi at end of river walk proceed left (west) onto college street... feel free to make your own route through here to work around hills E 75° 364.2ft
397.26mi 0.2mi right on first S 165° 452.8ft
397.53mi 0.27mi left on commerce E 76° 469.2ft
397.86mi 0.32mi right on fifth S 167° 488.8ft
397.93mi 0.08mi left on madison E 74° 505.2ft
398.03mi 0.1mi right on 6th/cumberland dr S 173° 502ft
398.46mi 0.42mi left on crossland ESE 97° 488.8ft
399.95mi 1.49mi after tompkins lane, crossland becomes golf club ln SE 115° 538.1ft
400.23mi 0.28mi continue west on golf club ln ESE 104° 561ft
400.75mi 0.52mi 41 is back in view after railroad tracks. return to us-41 ENE 55° 544.6ft
401.04mi 0.29mi continue west on us 41 Madison st E 86° 544.6ft
420.65mi 19.61mi continue on 41a SE 119° 685.7ft
434.56mi 13.91mi all the uphill pays off somewhere around here. enjoy! and check your brakes. SE 128° 502ft
439.11mi 4.54mi bordeaux there's a shopping center with a kroger. you're gettiing close! SE 126° 521.7ft
440.12mi 1.01mi Nashville after river, stay right onto OB Todd SSE 142° 419.9ft
442.6mi 2.49mi after charlotte, turn right onto patterson SSE 144° 452.8ft
443.46mi 0.85mi proceed west into centennial park WSW 244° 502ft
443.53mi 0.07mi relax by the parthenon! Welcome to Nashville!! WSW 244° 554.5ft